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About Wild Wadi Waterpark In Dubai

Beat the heat of the summers of Dubai as you visit the renowned Wild Wadi waterpark built in 1999, where the advanced water rides would surely set you on a water adventure. The exciting rides and activities suitable for adults and kids would fill them with the thrill of adrenaline rush. Along With such relaxing and adrenaline pumping activities, company Juha and Sindbad on their journey of sea surfing adventures in the ‘Arabian Nights’ themed park. Let yourself be immersed in the beauty of the theme park, its intricate designs and well-organised structure comprising various rides and attractions quite efficiently in its vicinity. If you are worried about your and your companions’ safety, then don’t be as the park has been certified by the ISO with state of the art quality in safety measures and technological advancements. With your safety concerns resolved, relax and enjoy the park which is the fastest growing waterpark in the world due to its persistent progressing attractions and thrill enjoyed by visitors. Board the famous and unique rides of the park, Burj Surje to enter into either of the two large water bowls at the end of the spiralling route. Enjoy the snacks or a full meal at the 5 restaurants and snack bars, buy yourself an ice cream from the carts moving around. Explore the gift shops available inside the premises and pick up exclusive souvenirs and mementos for keepsake.

Safety Rules For Visiting Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

Waterpark Wild Wadi
  • All the participants must have a minimum height of 1.1 metres to ride water slides as per the Wild Wadi waterpark rules.
  • It’s advisable for the guests with medical restrictions to not to get on the rides. The park won’t be responsible for any damage caused to oneself due to their own negligence.
  • Guests are requested to pay close and overtly attention to all the Wild Wadi waterpark rules to enjoy a safe and sound experience at the park.
  • All the children below the age of 13 are required to be accompanied by a person of minimum 16 years as per the rules to visit Wild Wadi waterpark in dubai.
  • Video Making and clicking pictures at various rides except on Jumeirah Sceirah is allowed. But make sure that the cameras have a strap attached to hang them around the neck or you might lose them.
  • As per the rule of Wild Wadi waterpark Dubai outside food isn’t allowed inside the premises of the park. The guests can carry a 1-litre water bottle per person to keep themselves hydrated and refill them.
  • The body active rides have been marked out by signboards, do look out for any such signs on the ride that you’re boarding. One is susceptible to injuries on such rides therefore, follow the instructions laid out for your safety.
  • It's advisable to know the depth of the pool before entering it as some of the pools are really deep,which might not be safe for the beginners. Keep children under your strict watch and hush them away from the deep pools.
  • Make sure that you are following the Wild Wadi waterpark rules, violating which the managerial authorities might ask you to leave the premises, for your own safety.
  • As per the rules of Wild Wadi waterpark Dubai don't get involved in a quarrel, use abusive language, intoxicate yourself by drinking any alcoholic beverages and jump the queues. One would attract punishment if found involving any such activity.
  • According to the stated rules to visit Wild Wadi waterpark in dubai guests are allowed to get on rides only in swimwear. No casual clothes, cotton clothes, long and flowing dresses are allowed.
  • Any sort of jewellery inside the water park is prohibited.
  • Remove swimsuits with metal accessories like zippers, buckles, and clasps which can be abrasive on slides and other guests.
  • Children are required to wear diapers, get diapers from the wild wad gift shops.
  • Purchase lanyards from the wild wadi gift shops to keep shades and lenses with you as they aren’t allowed while on the rides.
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Instruction For Baby On Board In Wild Wahi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Tickets
  • Children are required to be under the watch of the parents who should supervise their behaviour on all of the rides of Wild Wadi.
  • Parents must dress their babies and toddlers in diapers. These special diapers are available for free in the premises of the park, take help of the lifeguards to avail the facility.
  • For changing diapers go to the changing rooms where the facility of changing diapers is available.
  • Please keep in mind the rule of Wild Wadi waterpark Dubai that kids with diarrhoea shouldn’t take on rides.
  • Don’t let your toddlers swallow pool water.
  • Follow the displayed rules to visit Wild Wadi waterpark in Dubai, to ensure yourself a safe and harmless visit at the water park.
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FAQs Of Wild Wadi Waterpark

Why is Wild Wadi waterpark so famous in Dubai ?

The waterpark welcomes its guests on some of the most advanced water rides in Dubai. Here, the thrill of flowing through the meandering slides not only excites the guests but also fills them with an adrenaline rush. With a range of various rides installed at the park it welcomes people irrespective of their ages. Some of the rides like Jumeirah Sceirah are the star attraction not only of the park but of the city of Dubai as well. The park has more than 30 amazing rides and attractions installed in the park to satisfy the adrenaline rush of the visitors. All of the above features make the wild wadi waterpark so famous in Dubai.

What is the best time to visit the wild wadi waterpark in Dubai ?

The best time to visit the waterpark would be in the morning hours when the rides of the park are less occupied. It would allow the visitors to enjoy as much time as they want on a ride. The rides would be even more enjoyable when you don’t have to wait in queues to glide down a slide. Know all the essential information to plan your visit to Wild Wadi Waterpark for Hustle free trip.

Where is the wild wadi waterpark located ?

The location of the wildpark waterpark is Opp. Burj Al Arab - Jumeirah St - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

How to reach the wild wadi waterpark in Dubai ?

One can reach the wild wild waterpark in Dubai by choosing either of the transportation routes described below:

  • By Bus- Take the metro on the red line and deboard at Al Jafiliya Seaside, follow the directions to the park by a bus to the park.
  • By Taxi- The taxi would take you through the Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 and Al Wasi Rd/D92 and drop at the destination within 18 minutes.
  • By Drive- Reach the park by driving through the sheikh zayed Rd/E11 from the Dubai International airport. The drive wouldn’t take more than 26 km as the distance of the waterpark from the airport is just 27.9 km.

Which are the best rides to experience the wild wadi waterpark in Dubai?

Jumeirah Sceirah- It’s a 32 metres tall ride which slides the guests at a speed of 80 km/h. As you slide down through the fastest and the tallest free-fall slide look out for the majestic view of the Burj as well.

Burj Surj- Climb up to the top of these two huge spiralling downhill water slides with a large looming bowl attached at the surface. Lose yourself free on this thrilling ride as you splash into a serene mini pool after a meandering journey.

Master Blaster- Named after the fastest ‘aquatic roller coaster’ it will throw you 15 metres up in the air before catching in a large pool of water. Try the ride to feel the chilling thrill deep in your veins. The other options in master blaster rides available at the park are Wadi Basher, Jebel Lookout and Falaj Fury.

**WOW Kids Amusement Arcade: **Take your little munchkins here, where every sort of ride in its mild/ less thriller version is installed. This incredibly fun arcade has been designed as per the suitability of little guests of the park.

Juha’s Journey- Jump in this thrilling yet relaxing ride on which you glide in a 360 metres long meandering water route. Sit comfortably in your single or double seater tubes as you're pushed down this snake-like ride.

Breaker’s Bay- Take your tube and lay down in the Breaker's Bay, the giant yet gentle waves flowing in the pool would give you an impression of being on an island. As you bob with the force of the waves try to take a short and warm nap.

Tantrum Alley- If your desire to be thrilled yet not been settled, then, why not try the Tantrum Alley? In the water alley when you're passed through three tornadoes and gently released in a large pool with a thudding splash, for sure your heartbeat would pick up pace.

**Nemo Watersports Dubai Jet Ski and Fly board- ** The Wild Wadi waterpark hasn't restricted its scope to water rides, moving much beyond at the Nemo Watersports an exemplary twist to water activities has been innovated. Here, you get to enjoy flyboarding, jet skis, parasailing, sailing, boat tours and many other water adventurous sports to entertain yourself with.

Hint Hunt- Towards the end when you're tired but not yet done with the waterpark, launch a mysterious hunt with your friends and family. Proceeding with the hunt you'd require to solve puzzles in a tiny room, what lies at the end of this hunt is a mystery as well. And, you have got only 60 minutes to solve the puzzle.

Which are the tips to keep in mind while going for Wild Wadi?

  • Reach the venue prior to the opening time to save yourself from the long standing queues.
  • Pack some towels along with an extra pair of swimwear to avoid paying extra from them in the park.
  • Remove your glasses and lenses while on the rides.
  • It’s always better to know the depth of the pool before directly plunging into it.
  • Keep your children under your constant supervision, contact the authorities at the meeting spot in case of any separation.
  • Hold the handles of your water tube tight as you seat yourself in the tube and set yourself on the adventure.

Which are the dining options available in the wild wadi waterpark in Dubai?

Smoke House- It’s popularly known for serving American fast food not in the usual way but with an experimental twist. Check out their most amazing dish of chicken barbeque, for sure. Surfer’s Burgers- Satisfy your hunger pangs quickly as you sit yourself down at the cafe and enjoy servings like fresh salads, tasteful hotdogs and burgers. Firecrust Pizza - Savour some fresh baked pizzas or maybe get yourself a customised pizza with endless options from classic margherita to Peri Peri Pizza.

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