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Everything You Need to Know for Visiting Wild Wadi Waterpark
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About Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

Wild Wadi Waterpark is one of the most sought after destinations in Dubai for a day of pure entertainment. Tourists can take a roller coaster ride, indulge in playful activities at the water slides, and just unwind themselves at the pool. The stories of Juha, a well-known figure from Arabian folklore, serve as the inspiration for the theme of the entire park. The country's wildest, most exciting, and greatest assortment of rides can be found at Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai. There are kid-friendly activities along with a separate pool just for them, as well as aquatic roller coasters and attractions with a lot of excitement for thrill-seekers. In addition to a vast variety of standard rides, Wild Wadi provides the best surfing environment. For an exhilarating experience, you can indulge yourself riding the 32-meter Jumeirah Sceirah which is considered the highest and fastest slide in the Middle East. You will also get to discover more than 30 attractions, including a water roller coaster with an upward gradient, master blasters, ring rides, riptide flow rider, and wipeout. Tourists can also enjoy the Flood River's rapids and the expansive Breaker's Bay, which has the largest wave pool in the Middle East.

Timing and Best Time to Visit Wild Wadi Dubai

Timing: From Wednesday to Monday, Wild Wadi Waterpark is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Tuesdays, Wild Wadi Waterpark is closed, and for the month of Ramadan, hours are subject to change, and the store is closed on Fridays.

Duration: Wild Wadi Waterpark's thrilling rides can be explored for as long as you like. Wild Wadi is a great place to spend 2 to 4 hours with the family because of the variety of activities and rides available.

Best Time to Visit: The Best Time to Visit Dubai's Wild Wadi Water Park is from October to March because the weather remains perfect for participating in outdoor activities there. The best days to visit the waterpark are during the week when there are fewer visitors in order to avoid the incredibly long queues that form later in the day.

How to Reach Wild Wadi Dubai

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Location: Address: Opp. Burj Al Arab - Jumeirah St - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates The water park is owned and run by Jumeirah International, a hotelier with headquarters in Dubai, and is situated close to the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The Jumeirah neighbourhood in Dubai is close to the Burj Al Arab and is easily reachable by bus, subway, and private vehicle.

How to Reach:

  • By Bus: Wondering how to get Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai, well you can reach here via bus 8, 81, 88, N55, and X28. The nearest bus stops where you can get down as per your convenience are Wild Wadi 1, Burj Al Arab Hotel 1, and Burj Al Arab Hotel 2.

  • By Metro: Mall of Emirates Station and Umm Al Sheif Metro Station are the closest metro stations to Wild Wadi Waterpark. From the park, it takes a cab roughly six minutes to get to this location.

  • By Car: There is plenty of parking available for those arriving by car outside the Wild Wadi Park grounds. You may get a taxi to Wild Wadi Park for approx. AED 12, and they are easily accessible.

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Know Before You Go for Wild Wadi Dubai

Dress Code

  • For those travelling with children, it is a good idea to bring an extra pair of swimwear just in case.
  • Bring your own towels to save money at the park.
  • Avoid wearing glasses or lenses while riding any of the attractions.
  • Make sure you know the depth of each pool before diving in.
  • It is imperative that parents keep an eye on their children at all times and designate a meeting spot in case anyone gets lost.
  • At all times, adhere to the lifeguard's instructions. Allow them to assist you in finding the best seats.
  • You should always keep your feet on the ground and your hands on the handles of your tube while riding for safety reasons.
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FAQ of Wild Wadi in Dubai

What are the Wild Wadi timings?

Wednesday through Monday, Wild Wadi Waterpark is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

When is Wild Wadi closed?

On Tuesdays, Wild Wadi Waterpark remains closed. To know any kind of instructions go through with the rules of Wild Wadi Waterpark.

How long should I spend at Wild Wadi?

Wild Wadi can be explored on an average of 3-6 hours, depending on the crowd and number of times you ride on different attractions.

What is the best time to visit Wild Wadi?

Weekdays are ideal because there will be fewer visitors, and you should arrive early to avoid the incredibly large queues later in the day.

What are the Wild Wadi timings for restaurants?

Two of the most popular dining establishments at Wild Wadi are Julshan's Burgers and Dogs and Riptide Pizza which remain open from 12 PM to 6 PM.

Where is Wild Wadi located?

On Jumeirah St. across from the Burj Al Arab in Umm Suqeim, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, at Umm Suqeim 3 in Dubai.

How can I go to Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai?

By Bus: By bus, you may travel to Wild Wadi using routes 8, 81, 88, N55, and X28. The closest bus stops are Wild Wadi 1, Burj Al Arab Hotel 1, and Burj Al Arab Hotel 2, where you can exit at your discretion.

By Metro: The closest metro stations to Wild Wadi Waterpark are Mall of Emirates Station and Umm Al Sheif Metro Station. It takes a cab about six minutes to travel here from the park.

By Car: For those arriving by automobile, there is plenty of parking space accessible outside the boundaries of Wild Wadi Park. For at least AED 12, taxis are available and can take you to Wild Wadi Park.

What are the best rides and slides to play with kids in Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai?

  1. Jumeirah Sceirah: The Jumeirah Sceirah stands up to its moniker as the tallest and fastest free-fall slide in the UAE at 32 metres. As you descend the lengthy slide at a top speed of 80 km/h, you can see the Burj Khalifa in the distance.

  2. Burj Surj: Two large water slides that spiral downward are part of Burj Surj, together with a menacing abyss. Once you've descended the slide, you'll be tossed into a peaceful mini-pool.

  3. Master Blaster: Master Blaster is known as the fastest 'aquatic roller coaster,' hurling riders 15 metres into the air. Wadi Basher, Jebel Lookout, Falaj Fury, and Falcon Fury are just a few of the master blasters at your disposal.

  4. Tantrum Alley: Tantrum Alley's water slides and tornadoes take you to the first tornado, where you spin and go back and forth a few times before being thrown into the swimming pool.

Can I bring my own food inside the Dubai Wild Wadi Waterpark?

Visitors are not allowed to bring food from outside sources into Wild Wadi. Each visitor to the park is permitted one 1-liter water bottle.

What should I wear while visiting Wild Wadi waterpark in Dubai?

Before boarding any of the rides, all visitors must be dressed in swimwear. There is no need to wear street attire such as long and flowing dresses or skirts.

Things to Do in Wild Wadi Waterpark